Dental Implants

7 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dental Implant?



  • Our Dental implants are made from high quality material.
  • They look and feel like a real tooth.
  • You can eat and chew again without pain and irritation.
  • They can prevent your jaw from shrinking.
  • For Easier Eating.
  • For Improved Self Esteem.
  • For Improved Oral Health.


Do You Have Missing Or Loose Teeth?


Do You Have Poorly Fitting Dentures?


A Dental Implant Could Be The Solution!


When teeth are lost, whatever the cause, you’ll benefit greatly from their replacement, mainly to help chewing and improve appearance. Nowadays, the best option is dental implants. Due to new and improved technology, getting dental implant treatments at Bowling Green Dental Surgery has never been easier and more comfortable. We use a brand of implants known as Astra Tech Dental Implants. Since Dental Implants replace tooth roots, it means that you now have an attractive long-term solution if you have missing teeth. We also have a close working relationship with several different companies to ensure that you get the best support from us.


The greatest benefit with dental implants is that they feel comfortable, natural and secure – you’ll find you can eat anything you want. Implants also prevent the jaws from shrinking, which helps you maintain a younger looking face.  Sometimes, we can use several implants to rebuild large spaces or even to provide a completely new set of teeth. Implants don’t suffer from tooth decay as teeth do. However, it’s really important to keep your gums healthy around the implants, and even more important to manage how biting forces work on implants.  


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