Does Your Current Dentures Move Around When You Talk Or Eat? Do you have Missing or Loose Teeth?

Then Our Dentures May Be Your Solution!



If you feel self conscience about the way your smile or talk, then you can be assured at Bowling Green Dental Surgery, we aim to get you perfect fitting dentures in order to help restore your confidence and smile again.


Perfect fitting teeth should look natural. After years of serving our clients, we figured out that the best way to make our clients happy is to provide helpful and relevant information about our service.


Dentures: One of the Best Options to Get a Great Smile!


There are various reasons for having dental problems that could lead to loss of permanent teeth. These include Periodontal Disease, Dental Decay or having an accident or an injury of some sort. However, the problem does not just stop in tooth loss; it affects the neighbouring area and teeth too. In many cases, teeth may appear shifting, whilst neighbouring teeth may deteriorate in a faster rate because the forces applied on them have now changed. This can certainly make you smile less, and feel restrained from socialising.


You can restore the empty space of lost teeth with various ways. It appears to be that dental implants and dentures are the most preferred treatment that will gap the empty space, but your dentist is the one who will determine which treatment which best suites your dental needs.


What is a Denture?


 A denture is a removable appliance used to replace a single missing tooth, large section of missing teeth, or it can be used to replace a false set, full arch, of missing teeth.


Dentures can be made in a variety of materials and colours which the patient can choose. Strong plastic and metalwork can be used for the framework. The teeth can be made to look natural.


What is a Denture made of?


Dentures can be made from a variety of different materials of which many patients opt for dentures which look natural.


What is the Procedure?


Visit 1: Consultation

During your consultation if you already have dentures then we ask you to bring these in. We will also need the following:

  • A list of your current medication
  • Old denture sets if you have them
  • Old photographs of your smile, if you have any.


Visit 2: The Mould Shaping

  • A mould (impression) is taken of your gums. This is made from a soft putty material which quickly hardens within 30 seconds of gently placing it in the patient’s mouth.
  • This hardened mould is sent to the Dental Technician who converts it to a stone model. This acts as the framework for the denture design.


Visit 3: The Mould Shaping

  • From the stone model previously constructed, a second mould is constructed using a special pink tray that fits more accurately around the gums.


Visit 4: Bite Registration and Colour Matching

This stage is very important as we involve our patient to ensure the best material is chosen. It involves four essential stages.

  • Recording the way your upper and lower jaws meet.
  • Making your smile natural.
  • Your Dentist will mark the “canine lines”
  • Choosing the right colour and shade of teeth.


Visit 5: The Wax Try-in Stage

In this visit you will have the chance to preview your denture set to see what they look and feel like in your mouth. In particular, your Dentist will:


  • Give you time to feel comfortable with your mock denture setup and to ensure that you are happy with the shape and colour of your chosen teeth.
  • Ensure you can talk comfortably with your mock dentures.
  • Make any changes if required.


Visit 6: Fit of Denture Set


We will ensure the dentures fit comfortably in your mouth and you can take a look at your new smile!


Visit 7: Review and Aftercare

When we have finished making your dentures, our care for you doesn't stop there. It continues once your treatment has been completed. You will be invited for your routine dental inspection visits to ensure that you are happy with your new dentures. Minor adjustments to your dentures can be carried out if necessary.


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